About Us

G&P Plumbing Heating Ltd

Where it all began

After 20 years of working in the business of gas, heating, and plumbing for other companies, I (Noel Peiris) decided I wanted to start my own company with my partner Delfina Grund. So in August 2014, we set our plan into motion. And in September 2014 G&P Plumbing and Heating Ltd was created. With a custom brand image, and high hopes we began trading soon after for those who had any problems with their heating, pipes, or gas.

A Little Bit About Us As A Company

The whole idea behind G&P Plumbing and Heating Ltd was to create a company that had all the right values, goals and morals. These values are our customers, quality of service, quick responses and above all no short cuts on work. We do indeed have goals, big goals, we aim to serve huge numbers of people, and to do this service with a smile, speed, and effectiveness. Eventually we will probably expand, but for now we are focused on what we have, and to make sure our standards are always high. As for our morals, we have more than a few of these, we never "try to get one over" on you, our esteemed customers, that we make sure our work is done properly so as to not cause you any added expense or grief. And we always want to make sure that you know exactly what is going to happen, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. We never hide the costs, this is why we offer a free quote service where we come out, inspect the problem, tell you how much it is going to cost in labour and parts together. Our hopes and goals are high, but so is our determination, we will hit our goals and soar above them. We are local to Erith, which is in South East London. To make the lives of our customers easier, when they have an unexpected break down and it cannot wait till later, we offer a 24/7 emergency call out service for those in need of assistance. And this service isnít limited to just one of our areas of expertise, it is for all plumbing, heating and gas issues.

A Bit Of Background About Us As People

I (Noel) have worked my way up through the plumbing, heating and gas business. I have worked in this industry for the past 20 years, in which time I have worked for several large companies such as British Gas, P&R Installation Company and Swale Heating. During which I have gone through several courses to further my skills. My certificates include: A CIPHE and Honeywell Installer Training Course covering control installation, building regulations and energy efficiency for domestic central heating systems. A Utilities Engineering Cetificate of Competence for the following categories: Domestic Natural Gas Safety, C/H Boilers & Water Htg Appliances, Domestic Gas Meters, Ducted Warm Ait Heaters <70kW, Gas Cookers, Gas Fires and Heaters and Combuston Performance Analysis. I have also received training in all of the key areas needed to be a plumbing, heating and gas engineer as well as being Gas Safe Registered. Delfina is the financial manager for G&P, and has a vast amount of experience with dealing with company funds, with the past 13 years of work being in a financial role for Vodafone.